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Walk the Black Dog - Solitude Art Gallery

I grab my red leash and wrap it around your whining neck. You howl and snarl at me but it is all I have to contain you, filthy beast. Outside the sun is shining and it’s a wonderful day to ‘WALK THE BLACK DOG’! Time to take a chance, risk a change. My heart might not be in it, but I can at least pretend a joy for life; fake it, as do all those vacant-eyed ghosts that pass me on the street. It has been so long since we danced in the sunshine my friend. The scars are still there, raw and bitter; the splinter in my mind still exposed. I just need some more time to heal. More time please!

I am sure the weather man deliberately says it is beautiful out just to taunt me. Despite bright skies, I take this heavy temper with me everywhere I go. I bring the pelting rain, deafening thunder, blinding flashes of lightening. No clear skies for me, just gut wrenching pain and anguish!

So why not get out and take a frolic in the sunshine together, just you and me, mongrel. Ha ha! You’re gunna love what I can bring!

Media Oil on Canvas

Size H 1015mm x W 760mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco


Solitude Art © ®


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Solitude Art Gallery

The Solitude Art Gallery / Open Studio is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, nestled in leafy Glenview.

Meet and talk directly to artist / owner, Darren Trebilco. View new artworks in development on the easel and interact with Darren as he works on his latest piece of original, unique art.