‘Strait Jacket’ – SOLD
Strait Jacket - Darren Trebilco

SOLD Do you feel an uneasiness, perhaps a deep, slithering serpent of anxiety winding around your gut, releasing oily bubbles of pain? As you survey our world, do you find your pessimism growing, your inner safety being gradually evicted by a spiralling sense of powerlessness? Ever-hungry greed and superficiality abound, the beauty of the natural world defiled. A gradual, asphyxiating impotence grips you…

I stand teetering on the edge of this chasm, and as an artist, my palette has become chained and my mind locked in the detail of ‘Strait Jacket.’ I have lost myself, engulfed by the restrictions society places on me; mind dulled, expression bound.

I see you my friend, trying to escape from the heavy burden life has placed on you! Tear free of your bindings, be released from your suffering! It’s all an illusion anyway…Dream Big.

I have forced my mouth closed for too long.

Media Oil on Canvas

Size H 1000mm x W 800mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco

SOLD $2450

Solitude Art © ®

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