‘Giggles’ – SOLD

This is NOT acceptable! The world has got it all wrong! Do you feel restricted, fearful, dominated? Or maybe you do not know of any other way, with such insanity now taking its place as “the norm”? Wake up world, everything ends now! Look outside and see that everything is upside down, inside out, fake, beige, plastic, manicured, cloned and, most overwhelmingly, tragic! The world is dying and you are a part of it. I know we are all in denial! Greed has become our new religion and progress, the development of a supposedly better world, is simply our egos taking over, turning us into superficial clones. Pathetic!

Major corporations have a strangle hold on the world economy, on politicians and on you. You are collared, weighed and priced from the day you open your eyes. Corporations line their pockets with your hide, slave! Go on, make them rich – you know no other way! We, the people, no longer run this world; the corporations now run us. You are the cog that gets ground down to a brittle, weak, dependant version of what might have been! Do you even question right from wrong? Are you so numb to the world that the word “feeling” is a mere abstraction?

Get your head out of the sand and start thinking and being responsible for yourself. Break the mould, become independent and follow your own path, my brothers and sisters. At the very least, question this superficial world in which we live. Have we become so obsessed with image that we have forgotten what it means to truly be human? Do we even think about the animals and plants living on this planet getting wiped out in the name of greed and mindless growth? Think about the food we put into our bodies – where did it come from? How was it produced? What mysterious magic represented by numbers has been hidden in it? You need a PHD to understand what you are eating…just think about it, will you?!

We think we can not afford to help out our neighbour, that we are much too busy in our important little worlds, thinking we are so special socialising on our smart phones to the person who is sitting in front of us. We spend billions on wars, yet we cannot feed the starving and save the world from poverty! What? WHAT?! Think about it, won’t you?

Rediscover your integrity, dignity, self-respect, and make a change for a better world!

Do you feel any of this is wrong?

Media Acrylic on Canvas

Size H 750mm x W 750mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco


Solitude Art © ®


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Solitude Art Gallery

The Solitude Art Gallery / Open Studio is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, nestled in leafy Glenview.

Meet and talk directly to artist / owner, Darren Trebilco. View new artworks in development on the easel and interact with Darren as he works on his latest piece of original, unique art.