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Seasonal Change - Solitude Art Gallery


(Set of Four) ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘Autumn Falling’, ‘Winter Solace’ & ‘Spring Growth’.

Embrace the change, feel the ebb and flow, stop and feel the ‘SEASONAL CHANGE’ – it has arrived!

Be uplifted with the gentle ‘Summer Breeze’ as it kisses your skin softly. Feel the sun radiating down to heat your skin …Breathe! Take it all in, as you roll through the bright days and balmy nights. Remember the end of summer will come quickly, so take in all the energy this season has to offer, as a change is near.

Look outside your door; find the ‘Autumn Falling’. Feel the change. Find the abundance of colour, the deep reds, the organic oranges and the rustic browns. It’s all there waiting for you. Open the door, shed the dead wood of the everyday and experience the change…a change of energy with every season, rise and fall!

Look around. Do you notice the change? Embrace the transforming conditions. The temperature may have dropped, but look further! Look deep inside. Find yourself and find that ‘Winter Solace’, a time of healing hibernation, inside and out. Use this Solace, this season, this moment, to stop and to rejuvenate the body. Let go and free your mind and spirit to delve deep within…Find the deep comfort hidden in Mother Earth. She has always been there for you. See her signs, look, listen, smell and FEEL! Move with the conditions; the world is changing, so should you! Find the strength in solace. Make the change!

Finally, after months of soul searching, all the hard work has paid off, with a new season unfurling. It is time to flourish and find the ‘Spring Growth’. Push your way out into the welcoming world and strike a new shoot, the first of many in a new season. Stand strong and tall, spread your branches far and wide, as the season of LIFE is upon you!

Evolve with the change; experience the sensorial journey; raise your vibration and enjoy the ‘SEASONAL CHANGE’! Be free, LOVE free and GROW free!

Media Acrylic on Canvas

Size H 450mm x W 600mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco

SOLD – $1950

Solitude Art © ®

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