LOYALTY & COURAGE – Spirit Bird Diptych
LOYALTY & COURAGE  – Spirit Bird Diptych

The moment had come. After waiting patiently for two months, my timber frames standing blank and readied, you finally arrived. My creative energy had been fuelled by months of anticipation. As you passed overhead I could hear your loud, haunting cries echoing through the studio and I could feel them passing through my body. You announced your arrival, a call to spirit as you soared across ancient songlines with the slow, methodical and distinctive wing beat of your large, dark wings.

Our connection is strong, feeling as though it has been known across many ages. It can be months between our eagerly awaited visits, but now our ancient companionship, once lost, has been found. We are reunited in one song…

In the times between our visits, I send loving, nurturing energy to the large trees in our backyard in preparation for your return. In a time dominated by the ‘progress’ of man, your habitats dwindle and you risk endangerment. As caretaker on my small parcel of land, I may at least offer you plenty of seeds and nuts to fuel your flight.

Your visits are a call to me – do not shy away from the truth! You always arrive at that tipping point, that gentle, simple moment that forces me to stare unblinkingly at the shift that is about to happen and breathe into it. I look skyward to my guide through this lifetime, searching out your distinctive silhouette and the striking war paint that adorns your tail feathers. Red, yellow or white flashes across the black. A reminder. Even in the darkest of times, against all odds, our inner flame, our passion, our self-belief, our strength, will carry us to the greatest heights.

LOVE the earth and all living things that inhabit her. Her communication is clear if we but look and listen, and she will show us the truth, not only about ourselves, but about all of existence.

Dedicated to the end, in my flailing moments of loss as I huddled in my studio, couched in insecurity, you returned enforce to see my journey through with the energy and inspiration I so sorely needed. As a final gesture of your appreciation of the completed work, you brought all of your brothers and sisters from the local mob and put on a magnificent display. You numbered eleven strong and oh what a sight you were!

In your honour, I offer this, five months of my life, my work and my soul. I channel your wisdom so that others, too, may hear your call.

Fly strong SPIRIT BIRD

Solitude Art © ®

Media Pastel and Charcoal on Timber frame

Size H 1200mm x W 1700mm x B 45mm (single frame) X two

Artist Darren Trebilco


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