‘Apparition Of Deer’

Darren Trebilco Painting - Apparition Of Deer

Here you find yourself, immersed among the dense greenery of endless bush. The mosquitoes and leaches are thick and relentless. You wipe the sweat from your brow, your chest feels heavy as you struggle for a gasp of steamy air. Your head spins, thick and filled with cotton wool. Exhaustion creeps up. Your lips are swollen and parched; your tongue is sandpaper.

Your body is drained from your morning’s pursuit of the wild beast, yet there is still no sign. You reach for water and gulp down the last remaining drops, then scan without focus into the green haze. Squinting tightly, you try to adjust your tired and weary eyes. They conspire with the mottled surrounds to deceive, tricks of light and shadow playing with a mind too long from the comfort of straight lines.

It is only then that she emerges. The animal, pure beauty brought to form, steps cautiously from the murky undergrowth. Days of obsessive hunt have brought you to her and you stand in a dream-like state, mind alive, body numb. An eternity passes between you as you stand, dazzled, awed. You take a step towards her and…

‘CRACK.’ As suddenly as she appeared, she vanishes and you are left standing bewildered and wanting. Haunted by memories of an ‘APPARITION OF DEER’.

Admire the BEAUTY…

Media Oil on Canvas

Size H 750mm x W 750mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco


Solitude Art © ®


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