‘Lost in the Wilderness’
Lost in the Wilderness - Darren Trebilco

So caught up in months of tight, precision brushwork, it is time to let the paint fly in an ecstatic freedom of mind. The energy is tense, the anticipation almost overwhelming as the time for release grows near. In front of me sits a bucket, filled with all the unused oil paint from previous conquests. However the colour turns out to be, none of it matters, as all of the paint palettes are scrapped, mixed, mashed and diluted with turpentine. The fumes sear the nostrils as the rising tension mingles with a grey slop of a monster, bubbling to life. This is going to be fun!

The canvas is now positioned and large drop sheets drape themselves everywhere like ancient roman spectators, preparing to view an expressive extravaganza. Five…four…three…two…one… last deep breath to clear the mind and allow the pure creative energy to flow through from the universe. I stare at the crisp new canvas. It stares back.


BAM, SPLAT BAM, BAM!! Emotions ripped through me as fast as my arm can fly! Chunks of oily angst, now overwhelming, hit the canvas at breakneck speed then slither, spent, to their resting place. The scene is organic, the moment pure and the mind clear, the feelings raw and passionate! At this stage I am truly ‘LOST IN THE WILDERNESS’ with no way out but through the canvas. Look deeper, don’t think, just paint!

With each throw the burden becomes lighter; joyful, renewed energy takes its place. The heavy weight now lifted, I find myself openly welcoming in the new moment…PEACE!

Media Oil on Canvas

Size H 900mm x W 1200mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco


Solitude Art © ®


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Meet and talk directly to artist / owner, Darren Trebilco. View new artworks in development on the easel and interact with Darren as he works on his latest piece of original, unique art.