‘Leap of Faith’
Leap of Faith - Darren Trebilco

The heat is fierce and the air hangs heavy as you graze the plains for what nourishment can be found. A vibration from the ground below disturbs your peace, bringing you fully alert. The sensation grows to a rumble, then a thunder, exploding into a crescendo as thousands of hooves carry a mass of writhing flesh into view. The sea of kicking, moaning bodies crashes towards you, and then you are overtaken, surrounded, overwhelmed by the immense power of the mass, awed by its sheer unbridled ferocity. The heady smell of churned earth and crushed undergrowth fills the air, only to be consumed by a suffocating dust that sticks to your sweat and inflames your nostrils. You struggle to retain conscious thought, yet feel the single-mindedness of the herd, the force of their might sweep you along.

To remain or to join?

In a moment of insanity your body lunges forward uncontrollably and you find yourself amongst the herd of fellow beasts. Your thoughts run wild as you feel the power, appreciate the safety, and experience the comfort of being part of something bigger. No need to think, just roam and follow the leader in whatever direction you are lead. Towards the raging river.

The dull sense of contentment soon begins to dissipate, however, as you look around and suddenly realise that, in fact, everyone is following everyone else! No one has any direction. Everyone is running aimlessly with their head up the arse of the beast in front of them! Bodies tired and torn, eyes glazed, dreaming of something else. They are driven by an unseen force that posses their soul. They choke on the same dust, eat the same food, and run when the herd runs, to the end. Day in, day out. Towards the escarpment. Over the edge…

What is this all for? Why are we lead? Who leads this herd? Why do I need to be lead? When do I get to run where I want to run and eat what I want to eat? Do you ask these questions?

As you charge with the herd in a blind stupor towards what could be your final leap, these questions may arise for you. And you may address them. Or not. If not, don’t worry, the river crossing ahead is filled with starved crocodiles and fast moving water. It will all be over soon.

‘TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH’? What you do next is up to you…

Media Ink & Charcoal on Canvas

Size H 1400mm x W 450mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco


Solitude Art © ®


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