This larikin I call Murray typifies the excitement, the joy, the wobble and the bloody awkwardness we all experience in life. With that BIG cheeky grin, life can not be all that bad. Murray shows us we can all swim in joy, even while life has us ragged, wet and dishevelled at times. We just smile show up, day in and day out!

A lot of the time, I see Murray basking in the sun by himself, or squabbling with his mates, maybe over an easy meal or that perfect spot with the right amount of sun, shade and wind. For us, on the Sunny Coast, the local cool kids come to hang out on the light pole on the Maroochy River Bridge. As I cross the bridge, I always say hi to Murry, driving past as I travel north to my destination. I see him perched up on those lights, rain, hail and shine. Proudly he sits there…Is he waiting on a friend? Waiting for a perfect moment? Or, as with many of us, is he just looking for some solitude, away from the everyday bump and grind? Maybe he looks at us in disbelief as we rush here and there, seemingly to no where important? Who knows…

I do think Murray and his friends could teach us a few lessons, don’t you?

Solitude Art © ®


Media Acrylic on Canvas

Size H 760mm x W 610mm x B 45mm

Artist Darren Trebilco




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Solitude Art Gallery

The Solitude Art Gallery / Open Studio is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, nestled in leafy Glenview.

Meet and talk directly to artist / owner, Darren Trebilco. View new artworks in development on the easel and interact with Darren as he works on his latest piece of original, unique art.