It’s been a tough week…

Tough week

It’s been a tough week for me. Really a tough 8 weeks with life and my health as I know it.

Though I continue to sit in the fire of the World as I know it and watch it all burn around me.
I have been pushed and pulled, twisted inside and out and no idea of which way is out. Been wild angry, scared, strong yet vulnerable and calm all at the same time. A FIRE hurtles through me so strong!.
My Daughter has seen me on the floor of my kitchen in the fetal position balling my eyes out raw and not knowing where to go…
My Daughter, response to me was to stand up Daddy…So I did. I Do this for me, my Wife, my Daughter, my community, my Nation and my World.
But I know deep down this is exactly where I need to be in the midst of this wild ride, deep in the fire where growth rises
I see peace, calm and a new beginning on the horizon.
Can you feel it see and are ready to stand up for it?
Just only if we all can just forget our quarrels, find the love and see the light and opportunities that we can sew the seeds of tomorrow and now take this life time to a new level.
Are you with me?Regards Darren
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