The COURTSHIP ritual now, begins…

Simultaneously, our suitor and the rest of the flock break out into dance. He is bold, strong and oh, so PINK! He unfurls his gorgeous wings as he takes a quick glance across to gain the attention of his potential conquest, his prize. Is this the moment he will lure her in with his good looks and debonair dance routine? Will she be the partner of his dreams…for one season?

He looks longingly, with intensity into her eye as the mating ritual begins. The march of love commences with the flock struting up and down the waterline. He offers a wing salute, then the old alternate wing, leg kick, and a stretch of the head to show off his well-developed neck, before turning his head from side to side. Every movement is choreographed, synchronised and precise. The ritual display is hypnotic as the pompous razzle dazzle of hot pink flashes by.

No time to blush as our suitor struts…He is so charming!

The flash mob of iridescent rose parties for one month, all in the quest for LOVE! With an exhausting repertoire consisting of 136 moves, normally lasting for five minutes at a time, I certainly wish him luck! Certainly an impressive show, all in the hope to find LOVE.

Solitude Art © ®


Media Acrylic on Canvas

Size H 760mm x W 610mm x B 45mm (Single frame)

Artist Darren Trebilco


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