‘Hat Fitz- Bearded Blues’ Darren Trebilco’s 2014 Archibald Portrait entry.

HAT FITZ - BEARDED BLUES - Darren Trebilco 2014 Archibald Portrait entry

The authentic, bushy-bearded men of the “good ol’ days”, remnants of the outback, are going the way of the Tasmanian tiger. Back then, life was so simple, men where men and women where women and well, life was just life. You took the good with the bad and there was no need to sugar coat it.

This rugged infusion of Aussie mountain man and international blues singer is as engaging and genuine as they come.  A blue-collar working man with grit and a love of the blues!  The wild man of the blues scene was bewitched by the soulful, old-time holler of Cara Robinson, now his wife. The dynamic duo has been cutting loose all over Oz, creating their own sound.  They can be found in many an Aussie pub along the East Coast or rocking it out at a major festival as far abroad as the UK.

From a distance, you will encounter the visage of a gruff man, bearded and simple, weathered by the wild, howling winds of life, who has worked with endless passion as an old-time, country blues picker.  Look closer, into the eyes of this gentle giant of a man, and you can still see the authentic, raw splendour, colour and love that Cara found in him and that he now shares with the world.

Playing the blues can be fun, but living the life of the blues can be rough.  Listen out for that engaging, powerful snarl and the rhythm from ‘Fitzy’s’ resonator guitar.  Appreciate the sounds as he gets ya movin’ and feelin’ the BLUEs!

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