25 Random Things about Darren Trebilco


25 Random Things about Darren Trebilco. You might not have known...

25 Random Things about Darren Trebilco. You might not have known…

25 Random Things about Darren Trebilco. You might not have known…

1. I like pomegranate juice!

2. My favourite medium to use would have to be oils. I just love how they go down on the canvas. Having said that, they teach me patience due to the slow drying times!

3. If you ever wondered how I keep my beard so healthy, my secret is that I use a beard balm called Scoop Delux. It’s the bomb, seriously.

4. My favourite colour is PINK.

5. I was born in Burnie, Tasmania.

6. I have trouble throwing away old faithful paint brushes.

7. I have a tattoo of the ‘Eye of Horus’ on the back of my neck that I designed myself.

8. My favorite animal is the Black Cockatoo. Every time they visit me at the Gallery the screech stops me in my tracks. I am always sad when they leave.

9. I met Danielle the LOVE of my life on an online dating site. Who says romance isn’t dead…haha

10. The surname Trebilco originates from Cornwall and has been abbreviated from the original Trebilcock.

11. Love the smell of rosemary and often use the essential oil through the day or just before going to sleep at night!

12. I spent 13 years in the Australian Army. I was also once trained in the use of multiple weapons in the army, but now the only weapon I wield is a paint brush and an bristly beard (watch out when I’m flexing, it’ll poke an eye out!).

13. I call my Land Rover ‘RHINO’ the unsung hero. She doesn’t complain when I load her up with goodies, hauling what I need from place to place, taking on everything from daily errands and picking up art/supplies to our great camping adventures away from the world.

14. I own a bougarabou drum and I really suck at playing it – I would love to be able to play it with some skill one day!

15. I could spend weeks by myself and not ever get bored! Though, I really do enjoy a good conversation when the time is right.

16. I am a romantic, that loves an open fire and I believe I have found my soul mate!

17. If you empty my pockets you generally will find rocks from my travels and small bits of broken charcoal.

18. When I feel I’m starting to get sick, I dose myself with a tea concoction of liquorice root, grated ginger, raw honey, turmeric and cinnamon with a squeeze of lemon juice. Works a treat!

19. I like tea…I have what we call “the great wall of tea”! It contains many different herbal teas for all sorts of needs. Despite such a wide selection, I still find myself gravitating back to my old faithful, lemon, ginger and honey….mmm

20. The hearty burn of chai tea is also where it is at! I make my own secret blend.

21. Shortbreads are my favorite biscuit.

22. Every now and then, I have been known to run around outside my house naked in the middle of the night with only a big stick and the assistive light on my phone, chasing possums off our roof.

23. I enjoy being close and connected with nature at the Gallery. I get really emotionally attached to the animals that live in my garden. I was so upset when I found my favourite peewee had died.

24. I enjoy a great big hug when offered…

25. Friday night is ‘Fat Friday’ in our household! This is our weekly excuse to make home made pizza. The bad or the ‘fat’ really only exists in cheese and bases being a little bad…The rest includes plenty of greens, capsicum and a small portion of organic chicken. Nice to have guilt-free pizza! A great opportunity to spend some time with my beautiful woman…


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Photo shoot for Sunshine Coast Artist Darren Trebilco with ‘EDWARDS SECRET GARDEN’


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