TREBILCO ventures to Sydney…

TREBILCO ventures to Sydney for his 2016 ARCHIBALD PORTRAIT Sitter….

Just recently, I ventured down to Sydney to catch up with my 2016 Archibald Portrait sitter.  It was a breath of fresh air to get out of the studio and spend some time with my intriguing subject for next years artwork.  The weather in Sydney was crazy, but it didn’t dampen my creative enthusiasm.  I really appreciated the time,  honesty and openness in conversation shared between myself and my sitter while completing my preliminary work for the portrait.  Such a responsive and professional yet relaxed approach from my subject will definitely allow me to explore and engage on a deeper level with the artwork.  A big thank you to the “Mystery Sitter”!


While TREBILCO was in Sydney for his 2016 ARCHIBALD PORTRAIT Sitter....He check out the Brett Whitely Studio

While I was in Sydney, I made the most of my limited time away from the Gallery and dropped in to view some of the major galleries in the area.  While I enjoyed viewing this years finalist for the 2015 Archibald Portrait prize, the real stand out for me was my visit to the Brett Whitely Studio.  It has been on my wish list for so long!  I highly recommend if you are in Sydney to drop in to the studio.  It was definitely a moving experience for me to take in such unique work at such a close proximity.  I ended up spending over three hours moving throughout the studio, taking in all things Brett Whitely.  I was particularly lucky to catch ‘ALCHEMY’,  18 timber panels of sheer awesomeness.
I left Sydney tired, yet feeling full to the brim with creative juices ready to flow into my next series of artwork.

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